We get checkups for everything!!!

  • our body
  • our teeth
  • our cars
  • our finances

Why not do the same for your greatest asset…Your Home?

We have found over the years that many of the things that break or wear out in our homes can be delayed or avoided with a little TLC along the way. Additionally, the disasters that can really cause damage can be avoided. Unfortunately, our lives are so busy these days and we have little time to take care of the IMPORTANT but not URGENT things in our lives.

Let us bring you peace of mind when it comes to your home with a regular Home Maintenance Review from The Bigger Hammer.



Q: How often is a HMR completed?

A: Every three months.

Q: Do you offer a HMR on a less frequent basis or just once?

A: No, we believe that a visit every three months is the best interval for a home safety and maintenance as well as our scheduling.

Q: What is covered in a HMR?

A: We will review the exterior and interior of the entire house at least once a year. items that call for frequent review (I.E. smoke alarms) or have a high likelihood of damage (I.E. water fixtures) will be reviewed every quarter. Other items will be reviewed twice or even once a year as recommended by manufactures or industry standards.

Q: What do I get with an HMR?

A: A technician will come to your home and review all the items for that quarter. Once the review is complete we will email a report detailing the items reviewed, issues noted and recommended repairs or follow up.

We will also replace air filters and smoke alarm batteries. The price includes a basic air filter and batteries

Q: Will the technician do any repairs while he is there?

A: Yes as long as they do not require any materials and can be done within the scheduled visit. We will not buy materials beforehand to complete a repair unless it has been scheduled beforehand with the Bigger Hammer.

We go by the pliers and screw driver rule. It it can be fixed with a screwdriver or a pair of pliers within the scheduled time we will make every effort to get it done.


Prices are based on the property square footage, number of rooms etc. Please call us for a pricing on your exact property.

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